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"Israa University is a patriotic institution and it will make a quantum leap at Palestinian education," Dr. Al-Aouri, the advisor to the President.


Israa University -Public Relations

Israa University had welcomed a high-leveled delegation that consists of the legal advisor to president Mahmoud Abbas, the president advisor for human rights and civil society-" the former minister of health", and the advisor of the constitutional court.

The president of the university Dr. Adnan Al Alhajjar and his vice of administrative and financial affairs Dr. Ibrahim Al hasayna had welcomed the delegation and praised their visit, which carries supports for the university. In addition, Dr. Al Alhajjar reviewed the establishment of the university, its difficult beginning, and unique colleges and departments. He also explained the university strategic plan.

He stated that the university provides the applied education in order to graduate qualified students at different fields that our society need.

In context, the delegation praised the hard work of university staff to support its students and the society.

Dr. Al-Aouri, the advisor of the president said," It was an honor to visit such a huge scientific institution and to see closely the idea behind its establishment. The university had summarized all Palestinian educational experiences and Started from where others have ended."

He added, the university considers the reasons of success, failure, and other difficulties of Palestinian education. Moreover, he said that the university is a patriotic institution with excellence as it take interest in our people needs and their scientific researches.

He assured that the university had a strong start and this should make it one of the Palestinian universities that compete with other international ones.

At the end of the visit, Dr. Alhajjar accompanied the delegation on a tour around the university laboratories, museum, and lecture-halls, which impressed the delegation. 


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